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Burn Permits

HALDIMAND COUNTY, ON – Haldimand County Emergency Services are reminding the public that there are rules and permits for open air burning. This is both for your safety and the safety of our community. If you are planning any burning activities on your property, it is crucial to approach them with care and diligence. Here is a concise rundown to ensure safe and lawful burning..

Secure a Permit: Prior to igniting any fires, ensure you have the necessary permit. These permits serve as a regulatory measure to monitor burning activities and uphold safety standards. To obtain a permit, please visit the Haldimand County website or attend in person at the Haldimand County Administrative Building, located at 53 Thorburn St South, Cayuga.

Large Burn Piles: For those conducting a “non-recreational” burn, exercise heightened caution. These types of burns can swiftly escalate if not managed effectively. The approved size of a “non-recreational” burn is a maximum of 6m x 6m. Separating large piles into smaller, more manageable piles, and burning one at a time is best practice. Ensure adequate clearance of anything combustible around the burn area. In addition, monitor winds and weather conditions, and have appropriate fire suppression equipment readily available. Never leave the burn unattended.

Property Owners Responsibility: In the event that a fire spirals out of control or a complaint is made which requires the fire department to respond, property owners may be held financially accountable for all associated costs. Once the burn is extinguished, by whatever means, the property owner must ensure the burn area has been returned to its natural, clean condition. Adhering to safe burning practices not only mitigates risks, but also averts potential financial liabilities.

Community Responsibility: Let’s not overlook the collective responsibility we share as members of a community. Practicing safe burning is not just about safeguarding individual properties; it is about fostering a culture of collective safety and responsibility within our community.

To learn more about the Haldimand County Open Air Fire Bylaw, please visit: