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Statement from Haldimand County Council regarding the occupation of McKenzie Meadows

On July 19, 2020, Haldimand County Council was informed of a protest taking place on the McKenzie Meadows development site. As of July 30, 2020, protestors remain on the property and construction work continues to be halted as a result.

Haldimand County Council stands with the developer, Foxgate Developments Inc., and Six Nations of the Grand River, who have a pre-established agreement regarding the development lands. Given that all proper approval processes have been followed and the rule of law has been disrupted by illegal activity,  Council urges the Ontario Provincial Police – Haldimand County Detachment to enforce the law and take all necessary actions to end the occupation.

Protestors on site are not supported by Six Nations of the Grand River governing bodies.

Background information

The McKenzie Meadows development project in south Caledonia dates back to 2003 when development approvals were initially obtained for a 200+ unit residential project.

In 2015, Foxgate Developments Inc. purchased the lands and proceeded to re-initiate the development plans which included securing a new set of planning approvals for a redesigned residential project consisting of 218 units (single detached homes and townhouses).

In May 2018, representatives of Foxgate commenced its’ consultation, discussion, and negotiation with with Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council. In October 2018, a term sheet was prepared and presented to Six Nations Elected Council.

In November 2018, Six Nations Elected Council considered the term sheet and authorized it for signature. In May 2019 a written agreement was reached between Foxgate and the Six Nations Elected Council, confirming that the Six Nations supported the Development.

In late 2019 and early 2020 Foxgate obtained all of its approvals for servicing installation and construction commencement at the site. Foxgate then proceeded to pre-grade and construct primary services on the land in support of the delivery of new homes to the families who were expecting closing dates in the Fall of 2020.