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Recreational Activities

Grandview Lodge’s Recreation Program offers a wide range of activities to improve Resident’s emotional, social and cognitive well-being.  The focus is to promote and maintain Resident’s abilities and our Recreationists offer a therapeutic approach to social and leisure well-being.  There is a Recreationist in each of home areas who plans and promotes both structured and independent activities.  In each home area, the Montessori philosophy is utilized  (Dementiability principles) in developing programs for the cognitively impaired as well as adapting the environment and creating space for Residents to be creative and build from previous interests such as, our art studio or mechanics garage. We also have Sit To Be Fit and Laughter Yoga in the auditorium.

“Recreation’s purpose is not to kill time, but to make life; not to keep a person occupied, but to keep them refreshed; not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life.” –Unknown

Computer Technology and Ambient Activity Board

The home has a new “Tech Corner” in Marshview which provides an opportunity for Residents to stay connected with family, journal or play games.  Grandview Lodge has wifi available throughout the building for both Residents and their families.

We have a new ABBY Board in Creekview in which Residents can access family photos, listen to their favourite musical artists and play games that match their interests using the large touch screen on the wall.

Games Room

Grandview Lodge recently renovated our games room, central to the building, near the Tuck Shop. It’s a great place to hang out with fellow Residents, family and friends. We have cards, board games, shuffle board, darts and more!

Resident Playing Shuffle Board
Resident Playing Cards

Tuck Shop

Our Tuck Shop is open daily from 2:00 p.m. – 4:oo p.m. and offers Residents and their families a welcome gathering place. We continuously stock the shop and ask Residents for suggestions. Stop in to read the newspaper while enjoying a coffee, tea, sweet treat, chips or year-round ice cream. We also have some toiletry items and things like greeting cards. It’s a great place to gather and socialize with natural light from the big windows. Proceeds from the Tuck Shop are used to support Resident programs.

Residents in the Tuck Shop

Restaurant Outings

Our Recreational Programmers often take Residents out for lunch and dinner to restaurants in Dunnville, Hamilton and Port Colborne.

Special Events

The home offers special events for our Residents. In the summer we have ice cream socials and weekly BBQs in our gardens. We also have a family picnic and more!

We celebrate holidays and other special days with our Halloween costume party, Thanksgiving turkey lunch for Residents and their families, Christmas festivities and monthly birthday parties.

Pet Therapy

Grandview Lodge has pet birds and cats that you’ll see around the home.

Families are welcome to bring their pets to visit their loved one as long as guidelines are followed – ask our Programs Supervisor.

Resident laughing with dog


Hairdressing and barber services are provided at our home in our salon. A place to socialize and look fabulous!

Church Services

We have a variety of local churches come to the home Sundays to provide a church service. Families are welcome to join their loved one for service.


Snoezelen is a combination of two Dutch verbs (snuffelen and doezelen) meaning to explore and relax; in North America, we have also coined the term Multi-sensory Environments to describe this special environment. Snoezelen rooms usually offer a blend of colourful lights, soothing sounds/music, textures and scents used to stimulate the senses.

These environments may be used for Residents in late-stage dementia, palliative, or as an intervention for individuals experiencing agitation/anxiety and upset. The Recreation staff offer Snoezelen programs regularly on their calendars to meet the needs of frail Residents, but the equipment is available at all times for intervention purposes used by trained staff.