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How To

As a business owner, learning new skills is essential in keeping your business current and thriving. Browse through the help videos and how-to documents and check back often as more resources are added regularly. For additional ways to learn, visit our Workshop page, for upcoming business events, and webinars.

Google Alerts

This free service is like putting an all-points bulletin out on the Internet for specific words or phrases. After you fill in a couple fields and boxes, Google sends you an e-mail when your criteria appear in a new page on the Internet.

Google My Business

An updated Google listing will ensure people can find your business. Make sure your opening hours are up-to-date. Learn How!

Instagram Post

Learn about Instagram and create image or video posts that show up in your main feed. Unlike stories, posts live on “forever” (or at least until they are deleted). They also allow users to write captions that appear below the image or video.

Instagram Story

Learn about posting a story on your Instagram. A story is a temporary form of content that lasts a day only.

Instagram Post Boosting

Learn about boosting a post on Instagram. By boosting your posts you can reach new people who are more likely to react, share and comment on it.

Social Media Planning

Plan and schedule social media posts to maximize your time and efforts in a cohesive plan.

Running Giveaways 1

Learn how to run giveaways on Facebook and Instagram.

Running Giveaways 2

More on running giveaways on your business social media accounts.

Disaster & Recovery

Disaster and recovery planning is an essential part of your business plan. Learn more about what should be part of your plan.

Free Digital Tools

Free Digital Tools for Business

Use free tools to help improve your website and search engine optimization.

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