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Home-Based Business

HOME-BASED BUSINESS, HOME INDUSTRY” shall mean a craft trade, guild or service such as automobile service, plumbers, electricians, merchandise service, or custom workshop, or similar uses, carried on as a secondary use entirely within an accessory building or attached garage provided the proprietor carrying out the craft, trade, guild or service resides within a dwelling unit located on the same lot.  A home industry does not include uses such as automobile body shop or paint spray booth.  A home industry includes all uses permitted within a home occupation.

HOME-BASED BUSINESS, HOME OCCUPATION” shall mean an occupation, personal service, business, arts and craft or profession carried on as a secondary use entirely within a dwelling unit or accessory building providing the proprietor carrying on the activity resides within the principal dwelling unit.  A home occupation may include uses such as but not limited to hair salon, medical treatment, massage, counseling, teaching classes, baking, catering, daycare, artist studio.  A home occupation does not include a bed and breakfast establishment or base of operation assembly areas.