Notice of Public Information Centre: LPRCA Flood Hazard Mapping & Risk Assessment (Nov 27)

Long Point Region Conservation Authority
Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment

Long Point Region Conservation Authority (LPRCA) has initiated a project to update and create new flood hazard mapping focused on flood-vulnerable communities within its watershed. Accurate floodplain mapping is required to support land use planning and permitting decisions, flood-related emergency response and mitigation planning in at-risk communities. This project will also update municipal risk assessment information for flood hazard mapping, inventorying at-risk infrastructure and estimating damage potential. The project will be completed by early 2020.

To share project information and receive public feedback, LPRCA will be hosting Public Information Centres (PICs) in several locations across the study area. Two rounds of PICs will be held, with the first set of sessions scheduled at the following locations:

DateLocationPIC Study Area
Nov. 26, 2019
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Long Point Region Conservation Authority,
4 Elm Street, Tillsonburg
Tillsonburg, Norwich
Nov. 27, 2019
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Simcoe Recreation Centre, Norfolk Room,
182 South Drive, Simcoe
Cultus, Gilbertville, Waterford, Simcoe, Port Dover, Jarvis, Garnet
Nov. 28, 2019
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Vienna Community Centre,
26 Fulton Street, Vienna
Port Burwell, Vienna


Landowners and members of the public are invited to attend the PICs to contribute knowledge of local conditions and learn about project findings. The PICs will be open house events with no formal presentations. Staff from LPRCA, local municipalities and Wood, Environment & Infrastructure Solutions will be available to answer questions relating to the project.

The scope of this project is limited to updating the hazard mapping using current technology and resources. Updates to policies and plans are not included in the scope of this project. Public consultation requirements for any resulting amendments to the regulated area of Ontario Regulation 178/06 made under the Conservation Authorities Act will be met by the PICs.

Project comments and input provided at a PIC will be maintained on file for use during the study and may be included in study documentation.

To submit a comment or question, receive additional information related to the Project, or request accessibility requirements to participate in the Project, please contact one of the representatives below:

Ben Hodi, M.A.Sc.

Project Manager

Long Point Region Conservation Authority

Tel:      519-842-4242 ext. 264


Matt Senior, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Consultant Project Manager

Wood, Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
Tel:      905-335-2353 ext. 3080

All information collected will be used in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. RSO, 1990, c.F.31. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record

Notice Of Commencement: Schedule B – Municipal Class Environmental Assessment – Townline Road Bridge

Haldimand County is studying alternative solutions for Townline Road Bridge, which spans Oswego Creek on Hald-Dunn Townline approximately 85m south of Townline Road East in Haldimand County.

View the Townline Road Bridge map here.

Alternatives to be considered include:

1) Do Nothing; 2) Structure Closure; 3) Rehabilitate the Structure; 4) Replace the Structure.

This project is being planned under ‘Schedule B’ of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. Subject to public comments received as a result of this Notice, and the receipt of necessary approvals, Haldimand County intends to proceed with the design and construction of this project in 2020.

Interested persons should provide written comment on the project to the addresses noted below.

For further information on the Townline Road Bridge project please contact:

Haldimand County

Caledonia Satellite Office

282 Argyle Street South

Caledonia ON N3W 1K7


Contact: Lloyd Rollinson

Project Manager, Municipal Infrastructure

Phone:  (905) 318-5932 x6406



G. Douglas Vallee Limited

Consulting Engineers & Architect

2 Talbot Street North

Simcoe ON N3Y 3W4


Contact:  A. Ryan Elliott, P.Eng., BDS

Head of Structural Engineering

Phone:  (519) 426-6270



Notice of Completion: Jarvis Master Servicing Plan Update and Class Environmental Assessment for Additional Wastewater Treatment Capacity

Notice of Completion: Jarvis Master Servicing Plan Update and Class Environmental Assessment for Additional Wastewater Treatment Capacity

The Jarvis Master Plan Update Report and Class EA Report are being placed on public record for a thirty (30) day review period. Subject to comments received as a result of this Notice, as well as funding opportunities and the receipt of necessary approvals, the County may then proceed with the works outlined in the report.

Read the Notice of Completion for additional information. The Jarvis Master Plan Report and Class EA Report are available for review; copies are available upon request at the Jarvis Library and Cayuga Administration Building. Please send any comments regarding the reports by September 22 to the contacts listed within the Notice.