Tax Supported Capital Budget

Here you will information on the Tax Supported Capital Budget, which pays for works on our existing infrastructure to maintain our current assets, new investments within the county or improvements on current assets.

Budget Documents

CAPITAL BUDGET202020202020202120212021
Tax SupportedRate SupportedCombinedTax SupportedRate SupportedCombined
Current Year Gross Expenditures$37,091,350$13,277,120$50,368,470 $40,088,280 $7,146,300 $47,234,580
% of Total 10 Year Forecasted Expenditures15%11%14%15%6%12%
Total 10 Year Forecasted Expenditures$246,426,820$116,488,420$362,915,240 $274,523,330 $127,488,000 $402,011,330
Average Gross Expenditures/Year$24,642,682$11,648,842$36,291,524 $27,452,333 $12,748,800 $40,201,133