Rate Supported Operating & Capital Budget

Here you will find information on Rate Supported Operating and Capital Budget, which is also known as the Water and Wastewater Budget.

Haldimand County is responsible for the purification and distribution of potable water to its users and the collection and treatment of the resulting wastewater. This system is fully funded by the users, with no financial support from property taxes.

2021 Rate Supported Operating and Capital Budget

The “Draft” Rate Supported Budget for 2021 has been approved by Council on January 26, 2021 as is, and therefore is,
the Final Rate Supported Budget for 2021.

Average Customer Impacts of the 2021 Draft Rate Supported Budget

Please note the Basic Charge applies to every customer, it is a fee that is independent of the water consumption. This means that if your  water usage is zero, the basic charge will still apply.