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Mapping with Waze

Haldimand County has joined the Waze Connected Citizens Program (CCP) to provide real-time road closure, construction and traffic information to residents and visitors. Through the CCP program, Haldimand County provides a comprehensive listing of County-wide construction and road closure information to residents, businesses and visitors – via live map and mobile app.

Similarly, app users driving within the County may submit their own real-time road insights – including road closures and traffic slow-downs – to help fellow drivers with navigation and help the County address road-related issues.

You can view the live map of closure, construction & traffic information at any time, or download the app to receive on-the-go alerts and contribute your own road insights.

An Important Note About Safety

Safety is always a top priority for Waze and the County. Drivers are encouraged to use the app as it is intended – by docking the phone and leveraging hands-free functionality during their entire route for an undistracted drive. Waze safety features include hands-free control (no need to touch the screen), self-updating directions and features to minimize distracting communications (send your ETA to friends, etc). The program has taken navigation safety to a new level by becoming the first GPS app to block texting while driving.