Statement from Mayor Hewitt and Council regarding Caledonia protest

Well, if there was any doubt regarding the peaceful approach of these protestors – actually professional agitators as some could be called – we have seen clearly their real actions and their complete disregard for public infrastructure and the officers sworn to protect and serve the public. Their actions are despicable and unforgivable in a time where our first responders should be given the utmost respect in helping our communities through these difficult times.

To suggest that the OPP started a confrontation giving these individuals the idea to strip the very rights of those living in Caledonia by the destruction of several main roads is completely preposterous and further demonstrates that other agendas exist. Violence is not being promoted by the OPP, the courts or us locally. The violence exists with those that were clearly seen on video by the OPP.

OPP do not just start firing weapons into crowds because they are bored. Those insinuations are purely an effort to garner support of their misguided decisions. These same peaceful protestors, despite our efforts, have to date said “NO” to both OPP and Six Nation Police escorting Hydro workers in to restore power from the burned out pole for residents living on the adjacent farm. They currently are running on a generator to provide heat and hydro to their home since the incident. That is the true picture of the people that some feel obliged to support. They should take a harder look a their own actions.

Another very disturbing issue and the only thing that I can agree with the protestors on is that no one has heard any responses from the Federal government who carries all the weight in terms of discussions to be had with members of Six Nations. It is disgusting that with all the pleas from all parties we still have no engagement from them.

I have been in contact with the Provincial Minister Greg Rickford and he agrees with the position of getting the Federal government involved to engage leaders on Six Nations.

People have asked “what can be done?” I encourage you to in every possible way contact both the Provincial and Federal governments. They must engage, they must put forth a path to get this into a board room and off our streets.