Residents Invited To Participate In Public Art Project Through Haldimand County-Great Art For Great Lakes Partnership

Earlier this year, Haldimand County partnered with the Great Art for Great Lakes organization to bring public art to Haldimand. A call for proposals was issued to the local creative community in March, and three local ‘makers’ were selected to lead public workshops that will result in the creation of art installations.

The art installations, in whatever forms they may take, will focus on ideas that showcase the grandeur of the Great Lakes and how it connects people, their shared history and diverse cultures.


Meet the artists & learn about the art projects you can get involved in:

Artist(s): Lacie Williamson

Project Title: Inheritance

Workshop date: To be announced

Join Lacie in creating INHERITANCE — a site-specific multimedia installation that combines graffiti techniques, sculptural installation and sound recording along the shores of Lake Erie.

As a participatory art project, all residents are invited to attend and learn more about techniques used in graffiti art. The importance of Lake Erie and its stories will be explored throughout the project.

Artist(s): Rob Lamothe & Logan Staats

Project Title: Song for the Water

Workshop date: To be announced

Join Rob Lamothe & Logan Staats in creating — SONG FOR THE WATER.

As a participatory art project, all residents are invited to attend a series of workshops by Rob Lamothe & Logan Staats. The workshops will feature talking circles that build a space for diversity and inclusion where creating without fear is possible. Participants will learn about collaboration, song writing and storytelling. They will learn how to translate their thoughts, ideas and feelings into words. Everyone who attends a workshop, and consents, will have their name on the song credits alongside Rob and Logan.