Vendor Information

The Purchase Order Terms and Conditions form part of every Purchase Order issued by the County.  No variation of the Purchase Order is authorized unless such variation has been approved by the County in writing.  In the event of any variation of wording, the PDF version of the Purchase Order Conditions shall prevail.

DateStatusVersion No.Title
February 5, 2019ACTIVE1Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

This policy outlines the guiding principles of public procurement and the approach that all Haldimand County departments and its local boards will take when procuring goods, services or construction.

If Bid irregularity occurs, the bid submission shall be rejected as outlined below:

1Late BidsAutomatic Rejection
2Unsealed EnvelopesAutomatic Rejection
3Failure to insert name of the Bonding Company on the form providedAutomatic Rejection
4Failure to provide a letter of Agreement to Bond where requiredAutomatic Rejection
5Failure to attend mandatory site visit(s).Automatic Rejection
6Bidder has not been previously prequalified under a related prequalification process, where applicableAutomatic Rejection
7Bid received is from a Bidder serving a suspension period in accordance with Haldimand County Procurement Policy No. 2013-02Automatic Rejection
7Bids received on documents other than those provided by Haldimand County, when specified to do soRejected as Informal
8Illegible or obscure Bids or Bids which contain additions not called for, erasures, alterations, errors or irregularities of kindRejected as Informal
9Conditions placed by the Bidder on the Total Contract PriceRejected as informal
10Unit price has been provided but the corresponding extended total has been omittedThe extended total will be calculated from the unit price and the quantity specified, by the Owner
11Bid contains an error in addition and/or subtraction in the approved documentation format requested when unit prices are totalledThe error shall be corrected and the corrected total Contract Price shall govern
12Extended total has been provided but the corresponding unit price has been omittedRejected as incomplete
13Both the unit price and the total price are left blankRejected as incomplete
14Submissions containing prices which appear to be so unbalanced as to likely impact the interests of the County adverselySeek clarification and may be rejected
15Documents, in which all necessary Addenda having financial implication or scope of work amendments have not been acknowledged as required by the CountyRejected as incomplete
16Failure to insert the Bidder’s business name in the space (s) provided provided on the Form of OfferRejected as incomplete
17Failure to include the signature of the person authorized to bind the Bidder on the forms providedRejected as incomplete

Ontario legislature passed the AODA in 2005 with the goal of creating standards to improve accessibility across the province. The AODA allows the government to develop standards specific to accessibility that are designed to make Ontario more accessible. The first accessibility standard to be developed came into effect January 1, 2008, in the form of Ontario Regulation 429/07, “Accessibility Standards for Customer Service” (the Standard).

Under the Standard, Haldimand County must, by January 1, 2010, have trained contractors and goods & service providers (herein referred to as Contractors) who interact with the public or other third parties on the County’s behalf. Contractors are fully responsible for providing Accessible Customer Service training to all of their staff who provide these services. A Contractor representative with delegated authority must return a signed Compliance Form for Contractors to the designated County contact prior to the initiation of any contracted works.

To assist Contractors in training their staff, Haldimand County has developed Accessible Customer Service for Contractors, which is a training document for Contractors and Goods & Service Providers.

Bidders shall disclose all perceived, potential and actual Conflicts of Interest.  If a Bidder has a conflict, it shall complete the Conflict of Interest Form below and submit with with its Bid Submission.

Bidders shall disclose if they are a party to litigation with the County. If a Bidder is a party to litigation, the Bidder shall complete the Corporate Disclosure Form below and submit with its Bid Submission.

As outlined in the Procurement Policy, Support Services launched a Vendor Performance program that will be used to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Increase communication, and
  • Document issues with vendors

Vendors may be suspended from bidding on any request for bids in a case where the performance of a vendor has been unsatisfactory.