Dunnville Farmers Market / Pavilion and Waterfront Park

In 2016, Haldimand County Council approved plans for the Dunnville Waterfront Park & Pavilion/Farmers Market project. The new Farmers Market building, pavilion & park will transform Dunnville’s downtown waterfront and provide new opportunities for tourism, recreation and community events. The partnership project is moving forward, with funding assistance from the Dunnville Farmers Market Committee, Community Improvement Project grant and Ward 5 Community Vibrancy Fund.

Features of the new Farmers Market Building/Pavilion

  • Approximately 40% larger in size than the current structure (increasing to 5,000 square feet from 3,000 square feet)
  • Post and beam-type wood frame construction
  • Roll-up commercial garage doors to enclose a portion of the structure for enhanced three-season use (better protection from the elements, but no heat provided)
  • Enclosed foyer with washrooms to serve both the park and market
  • Genuinely multi-functional design (allowing it not only to be used for market days, but also as a rental / public space for events, programming and private functions)
A computer diagram of the farmer's market

Features of the Waterfront Park

The Waterfront Park design is consistent with resident feedback to transition the former arena property into greenspace. It will provide a new focal & gathering point for the community, integrating the existing boat launch facilities and new market building/pavilion while providing pedestrian walkways to the downtown area. Key features of the 1.5-acre park include:

  • Defined entrance at the north part of the park, including amenities such as benches, lighting, signage and an entrance ‘gateway’ feature
  • Large, central, multi-purpose greenspace area to be used for recreation activities, festivals and events (including an audience area for performances)
  • New trees (in addition to existing, healthy trees that will be preserved) & landscaping
  • Hard surface pathway guiding pedestrians from Main Street through different sections of the park and areas along the Grand River. Pathway segments terminate with, or have along their route, key viewing areas that maximize visual access to the river
  • Lighting features along pathways and throughout the park to encourage its use and to enhance safety
  • Weather-protected cenotaph & water feature
  • Public washrooms

Construction-Related Closures

The Farmers Market will remain open throughout construction. The public boat ramp will also remain open, however, there will be some short-term disruptions during the week throughout the construction period. A longer closure of the boat ramp will also be required towards the end of the project for final paving of the site. While work is underway, users of the Farmers Market and boat ramp are encouraged to park in the former Marina property on Maple Street.

Contact Information

Enquiries related to the Waterfront Park may be directed to:

Manager, Planning & Development
Mike Evers
Phone: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6202
Email: mevers@haldimandcounty.on.ca

For further information regarding the Dunnville Farmers Market/Pavilion, please contact:

Manager, Economic Development & Tourism
Lidy Romanuk
Phone: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6342
Email: lromanuk@haldimandcounty.on.ca