Portable Washrooms To Be Installed In Select County Parks

Since the Province of Ontario began loosening COVID-19 restrictions and allowing certain outdoor amenities to re-open (e.g. boat launches, non-contact sporting fields), Haldimand County has seen an increase in visitors utilizing these public spaces.

In order to address mounting health and safety concerns related to the absence of public washrooms in these areas (e.g. individuals relieving themselves in public), the County is moving forward with a plan to deploy portable washrooms to high traffic areas across the community.

The plan, which was developed in consultation with the Medical Officer of Health, will address the need for public washroom facilities through the duration of the pandemic, especially during the summer months.

Starting Friday, June 12, portable washrooms will be delivered to the parks and green spaces listed below. It will take a few days for all portable washrooms to be delivered and installed.


Kinsmen Park (1 unit at west end and 1 unit at east end)

LaFortune Park (1 unit in the upper park and 1 lower)

Seneca Park


Grant Kett Park

Hagersville Park


York Park

Bob Baigent Park


Wingfield Park

Farmers Market

Centennial Park

The portable washrooms will be equipped with hand sanitizer. All units will be cleaned and disinfected twice per week by a contractor. Members of the public are advised to utilize these facilities at their own discretion, practice proper hygiene and maintain physical distancing if waiting in line.

“I know this has been a frustrating issue for many, and I’m hopeful that bringing in portable units will result in a more positive park experience for everyone. We’ve worked closely with the Health Unit to ensure these facilities are being offered in compliance with current public health guidelines and recognize that while it may not be a perfect solution, it’s one that is most appropriate for our current circumstances,” said Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt.

For the most up-to-date local information about COVID-19, including facility closures and municipal service options, visit HaldimandCounty.ca/COVID-19 or follow the County on Facebook/Twitter. These channels are frequently updated with announcements regarding closures, re-openings and other important COVID-19 news.

For current public health information, visit the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit website.