Detachment Commander’s Message

Photo - Inspector Phil CarterI am pleased to present the Haldimand County Detachment 2016 Action Plan Progress Report in conjunction with our new 2017 – 2019 Action Plan. As we look back over the past year and even over the past three years, we recognize the many policing successes we have had:

  • Addressing the issue of Property Crimes with a reduction of reported incidents resulting in a clearance rate of 21.76%
  • Continuous reduction in motor vehicle collisions
  • Implementation of a drug strategy that lead to a successful clearance rate of 91.94 % over three years.

We continue to focus on the reduction of harms and victimization, specifically violent crime, property crime, illicit drugs and cybercrime.  Once again, provincial targeted outcomes have been identified and we will work together to achieve these provincial targets by 2019.

Haldimand County Detachment remains committed to a traffic safety approach that will change driver behaviours responsible for injuries and deaths on roadways, waterways and trails.

We will continue to partner, engage and educate to find solutions in demands for service involving persons with mental health issues or in a mental crisis. We are also committed to reducing the number of false alarms which continue to misdirect law enforcement resources in OPP communities.

As we look forward we will continue to ensure our communities have the service delivery they require.   The focus of the next three years for our detachment will be:

  • Enhancing Police visibility within our community and on our roadways
  • The implementation of the Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) to address mental health crisis calls for service
  • Introducing a Street Crime Unit to address the continued reports of Property and Drug crime
  • Maintain our focus on reducing incidents of violent crime and property crimes.
  • Staying ahead of the curve on drugs entering our community
  • Reducing the victimization of our community members from cyber and/or technology-enabled crimes and frauds through community engagement and education.
  • Supporting the Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes 2017-2019 Strategic Plan with an emphasis on the five strategic priorities; Leadership, Healthy Workforce, Analytics, Technology and Reinvestment.

The dedication of our members, together with the support of our municipalities, will ensure our continued success in keeping our communities safe.

Philip Carter

Detachment Commander
Haldimand County Detachment, OPP