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There’s lots to discover in Haldimand County! Whether you’re taking a day to explore local attractions, celebrating at a festival or event or canoeing on the Grand River, the area is beautifully photogenic all year round. We hope you enjoy our photo galleries.

Do you love taking photos of Haldimand? Submit your best shots to our annual Uniquely Haldimand Photo Contest!

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A racing car, plumes of flame and smoke behind it as it hurdles toward the finish line

See what Haldimand and area have to offer you.
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Festivals and Events
Join in on the fun at Haldimand and area festivals.
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A bright courtyard with a wooden gazebo, surrounded by lush green grass and a well manicured garden

Grandview Lodge
Take a tour of the Grandview Lodge.
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A lone fisherman, knee deep in water casts his line into the foggy waters.

Grand River
See the Grand River as it flows through Haldimand County.
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An embarkment of trees in shades of red, yellow gold in this fall picture

Haldimand in the Fall
Enjoy the picturesque beauty of Haldimand County.
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A beach dotted with the occasional person enjoying the warm sun.

Haldimand in the Summer
Something for everyone – enjoy your summer in Haldimand County.
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An image of a cow about to drink at a pond in the heart of a snow filled wooded area

Haldimand in the Winter
Haldimand County – a winter wonderland.
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An image of a pond at sunset with a camera superimposed over top

Uniquely Haldimand Photo Contest Winners
Winning photographs from Haldimand County’s annual photo contest.
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