Dunnville Community Lifespan Centre & Cayuga Arena vaccination clinics – Frequently Asked Questions

Dunnville Community Lifespan Centre (DCLC) – Interim Clinic

  • The DCLC will be used as an interim vaccination clinic while the Cayuga arena is being prepared.
  • The DCLC clinic will be opening this Friday (February 19) at 8am and run until 5pm – it is by appointment only through the Health Unit and is targeting specific segments of the population.
  • As soon as the Cayuga arena is ready, the vaccination team will be vacating the DCLC – this is estimated time to be 3 – 4 weeks.

Cayuga Arena – Mass Vaccination Clinic

  1. Why do we need a facility of this size?
    • we need to vaccinate in large volumes (thousands of people) and thus we need a large venue which can scale up quickly as we need it;
    • a mass vaccination clinic (MVC) is significantly more efficient than a number of smaller local clinics – we can accomplish more of what we need to in a shorter period of time with a MVC;
    • a MVC requires multiple separate distinct areas/rooms within a facility to serve a particular purpose, such as:
      • reconstitution area – to store, prepare the vaccine
      • administrative area – to screen people, complete forms/consents
      • inoculation area – to administer the vaccine
      • recovery area – for people to wait post inoculation / staff to monitor for adverse reactions prior to releasing

An arena allows us to accomplish all of the above. The County’s halls are not large enough to meet the requirements of a MVC.

  1. Why now – can’t you just prepare it when you need it?

We need to start now as the total preparation time is measured in weeks (i.e. 1 to 2 weeks to remove ice, 1 to 2 weeks for clinic set up).

  1. Won’t you have lots of lead time to get ready?

We need to be ready for when the vaccine is made available – we could receive (literally) several days notice to activate for mass inoculations. Thus, the facility needs to be ready to go ASAP.

  1. There is a major shortage / limited shipment of vaccine – won’t the facility just sit empty until we receive more?

There is always that possibility; however, contrary to what is in the news, large amounts of vaccine could be made available at any time for priority population / persons (i.e. seniors/health care workers) of which we have thousands.

  1. Why Cayuga?

Cayuga is central and has an ideal physical layout and the rooms/space for a properly functioning MVC.

  1. Users will be impacted, why not select another arena facility?

Using this arena causes the least amount of impact/displacement of users (note: the displaced users in Cayuga will be accommodated in other arenas and will be given equal prime time ice through re-allocation process).