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Downtown Caledonia Street Tree Revitalization

Haldimand County is inviting community members to view the design for the street tree revitalization of Argyle Street North, Caledonia.  This plan incorporates ideas generated by the local community and will ensure downtown areas remain beautiful for years by using appropriate technologies to integrate trees within hardscapes.  The primary features of the design are:

  • All of the existing trees that are in good health and structural condition will be saved.
  • The dead and missing trees will be replaced with new tree species that are more suitable to the downtown environment.
  • All of the trees will be upgraded with a new grate mounted in the sidewalk to improve access along the sidewalk and the on-street parking.
  • The broken tree guards and electrical boxes will be removed and left off of the trees so that the trees have space to grow.

Construction is anticipated to begin this fall.

For further information and comments, please contact Adam Chamberlin, Project Manager, Forestry at (905) 318-5932 ext. 6512 or before Wednesday, May 17, 2023.