Haldimand Museums Hosting Oral History Workshop With Broadcast TV Icon & Internationally Recognized Filmmaker

This September, Haldimand Museums will be welcoming internationally recognized filmmaker Graeme Bachiu and iconic CHCH-TV news anchor Connie Smith to present an oral history/interviewing workshop.

The two-day workshop, to be held at Edinburgh Square Heritage & Cultural Centre on Saturday, September 14 & Saturday, September 21 (1pm to 3pm), will cover the skills needed to film and interview subjects to preserve oral histories.

“In every family, stories are passed down from generation to generation, occasionally graining details with each telling,” said Anne Unyi, Haldimand County’s Supervisor of Heritage & Culture. “Preserving those stories through film & one-on-one interviews has become much easier with technological advancements, but using these technologies and knowing how to ask the right questions are skills a lot of us need help developing,” Unyi added.

To begin the two-day workshop, filmmaker Graeme Bachiu will teach participants the basic camera and interviewing skills they will need to collect and preserve oral histories. The Oral History Workshop will present both technical and practical hands-on approaches to conducting interviews. On day 2 of the workshop, Graeme will collaborate with one of the best interviewers in the business – former CHCH-TV anchor Connie Smith – to teach a master class in interviewing.

Graeme Bachiu, an internationally recognized documentary filmmaker with over 25 years of film and TV experience. Graeme’s work has been shown on CTV, CBC, CHCH-TV, CNN and NBC and his documentary short films have been screened at film festivals around the world. Graeme has a deep interest in history and preserving stories of the past.

The workshop is available to anyone with an interest in undertaking an oral history project, learning basic principles of filmmaking or becoming a better interviewer. Cost for the two-day program is $60.00 per person. Registration may be completed online at link.haldimandcounty.ca or in person at any Haldimand County office using program code 10314.