Haldimand County Under Freezing Rain Warning

Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for Haldimand County. Strong wind gusts up to 70 km/h coupled with ice accretion on tree branches and power lines could cause power outages

Precipitation is expected to move into the area late tonight or early Sunday morning. The precipitation will begin as freezing rain and change to freezing drizzle or drizzle early Sunday afternoon. For areas closer to the lake shore the transition from freezing rain to drizzle will occur late Sunday morning.

Several millimeters of ice accretion are possible over these regions with some areas possibly receiving a few centimeters of snow and ice pellets in addition to the freezing rain.

Travel may quickly become hazardous during this event. Haldimand County Emergency Services is advising residents to drive with caution during this event and pay close attention to changing weather conditions.

“There are a few key actions residents can take to stay safe & minimize safety risks during a power outage. Retrieving your flashlight and ensuring your cellular devices are charged are a good first step,” said Jason Gallagher, Manager of Emergency Services & Fire Chief.

If the power goes out, residents should:

  • Turn off all tools, appliances and electronic equipment, and turn the thermostat(s) for the home heating system down to minimum to prevent damage from a power surge when power is restored.
  • Leave their freezer and fridge shut unless it is absolutely necessary to open them (a full freezer will keep food frozen for 24 to 36 hours if the door remains closed).
  • Listen to your battery-powered or wind-up radio for information on the outage
  • Make sure their carbon monoxide detector is working. If it is hard-wired to the house’s electrical supply, ensure it has a battery powered back-up.
  • Protect sensitive electrical appliances such as TVs, computer, and DVD players with a surge-protecting power bar.
  • Use proper candle holders. Never leave lit candles unattended and keep out of reach of children. Always extinguish candles before going to bed.

More emergency preparedness tips and resources are available at HaldimandCounty.ca/emergency-preparedness.