Haldimand County Emergency Services reports increase in motor vehicle-farm equipment collisions

Haldimand County Emergency Services has seen an increase in collisions involving motor vehicles and slow-moving farm equipment.

Fire Chief / EMS Manager Jason Gallagher is urging motorists to stay alert, slow down and share the road with farm equipment. Gallagher is also and reminding farm equipment operators to ensure their equipment has proper lighting and a reflective slow-moving vehicle emblem.

“Although we’re past peak harvest season, there are still farming operations underway throughout the County and slow-moving farm equipment on our roads. We’ve seen an increase in collisions that could have been prevented, and ask that everyone utilizing County roads do their part to keep them safe,” said Gallagher.

Both motorists and farm equipment operators have been found to be at fault in recent collisions.

Roadway safety for motorists

  • Stay alert for slow-moving farm equipment, especially at dawn or dusk when visibility is reduced;
  • Slow down and be patient when approaching slow-moving machinery from behind;
  • Wait to pass until you have a clear view of the road ahead and there is no oncoming traffic;
  • Never pass on a hill or curve.

Roadway safety for farm equipment operators

  • Make sure any farm equipment being driven on roadways is properly marked with lights and a “slow-moving vehicle” emblem;
  • Drive as far to the right as possible;
  • If traffic accumulates behind you on a road where it is difficult to make a safe pass, you should pull off onto the side of the road in a level area, so the vehicles can pass;
  • If possible, avoid traveling on roadways at dawn or dusk when it is more difficult for drivers of other vehicles to see;
  • Always use a seat belt when operating a tractor equipped with a roll-over protection structure.