Haldimand County Council Seeking Public Input On Retail Cannabis Sales

Ontario municipalities have until January 22, 2019 to decide whether to permit or prohibit the sale of recreational cannabis, and Haldimand County Council is seeking community input on this decision.

At the December 11 Council in Committee meeting, staff presented a report outlining the opt-in and opt-out options regarding private cannabis retail stores. Council must decide and submit a formal resolution to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario by the January 22 deadline. Council has 2 options: opting in or opting out. If Council chooses to opt-in, the decision cannot be reversed. If opting out is chosen, Council retains the ability to revisit the matter and opt-in at a future date.

To better understand resident sentiments on retail cannabis sales in the community, feedback will be collected by staff and presented to Council. Residents are encouraged to read the recreational cannabis retail sales facts and provide their input through one of the following avenues:

1) in person at the January 21, 2019 Council meeting or at a scheduled community meeting

2) via online survey (by January 8, 2019)

3) via e-mail or letter to the Municipal Clerk at 45 Munsee St. North, Cayuga, N0A 1A0 (by noon on January 21, 2019)

Feedback and survey results will be presented at the Council in Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Any feedback received after the Council in Committee meeting will be provided to Council for consideration ahead of the Council meeting on Monday, January 21.