Grandview Lodge visitation limited to essential visitors only

In addition to closing museums, libraries & arenas, Haldimand County is restricting all non-essential visitors to Grandview Lodge. These restrictions are being implemented in response to direction from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, as a measure to protect vulnerable residents.

The Ministry of Health is identifying essential visitors as those who have a resident who is dying or very ill or a parent/guardian of an ill child or youth in a live-in treatment setting. The Ministry will re-evaluate this measure in the coming weeks and ensure consistency with their recent guidance on enhanced public health measures.

Essential visitors to Grandview Lodge will continue to be actively screened prior to entry. Those who fail screening will not be permitted to enter. Grandview Lodge will be working closely with its recreation staff, residents & resident family members to facilitate video chats & other communications where possible to keep residents from feeling the negative impacts of social isolation.

There are currently NO reported cases of COVID-19 in Haldimand County and all cancelations, closures, postponements & visitation restrictions are being implemented as a precautionary measure.

Updates related to COVID-19 will be shared by Haldimand County and its healthcare partners as it becomes available. Residents are encouraged to educate themselves about COVID-19 & follow the Health Unit’s recommendations to help prevent the spread of viruses:

– wash your hands often with soap and water;

– avoid close contact with people who are sick;

– cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze; if you don’t have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your sleeve or arm;

– avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth to prevent illness;

– clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Residents looking to stay informed regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can do so by logging onto the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit website. A page ( has been specifically dedicated to the virus and includes material on who is at risk, how to protect your family, what to do if you feel ill, and what precautions to take if you’ve travelled outside of Canada. The site also contains key contact information and links to updates on the current situation at the global, national and provincial level.

All facility closures, program cancellations, meeting postponement & visitation restriction information is available at & will be updated regularly.