Grand River Conservation Authority Issues Flood Warning For Port Maitland, Other Areas Downstream Of The Dunnville Dam

The Grand River Conservation Authority has issued a Flood Warning for areas along the Grand River downstream of the Dunnville Dam, in the village of Port Maitland and along the lakeshore.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry surge model forecast for the eastern end of Lake Erie is predicting lake levels to exceed the critical level warning level. In the vicinity of Port Maitland the following forecast applies:

Lake Erie current elevation at Port Maitland: 174.58 m (IGLD 1985)

Lake Erie estimated to peak at: 175.55 m (IGLD 1985), excluding waves

Lake Erie Expected time of peak: Early morning hours of January 1st 2019

Critical Level: 175.5 m (IGLD 1985)

Forecast (estimated) Peak Lake Level: 0.05 m above the critical level, excluding waves

Significant wave action is also expected with waves reaching between 2 and 3 meters in height. The forecasted lake rise and wave action mean the possibility of flooding and erosion exists in low lying areas along the Lake Erie shoreline.

Haldimand County Emergency Services are warning affected residents and businesses within Lake Erie Flood Zone 1. It is expected that Powell Marina, Willow Lane, Port Maitland and low point cottages will be the main affected areas.

Residents are being urged to stay away from Lake Erie/Grand River shoreline areas experiencing strong wave action and elevated water levels. Parents are reminded to keep children and pets away from shoreline areas.

The current flood warning will remain in effect until Tuesday, January 1, 2019 at 4pm. Updated flood messages will be issued as conditions develop and better forecast information becomes available. Residents are encouraged to monitor the Grand River Conservation Authority & Haldimand County websites and social media accounts for the most up-to-date flood and weather warning information.