Flooding update for Caledonia, Cayuga & Dunnville

The Flood Warning remains in effect for low-lying areas along the Grand River shoreline. The river has already peaked and is receding in Caledonia and York, however, the river in Cayuga is rising steadily as water moves downstream. The river is expected to peak in Cayuga at midnight on Monday and Tuesday morning in Dunnville. Residents along the Grand River shoreline in Cayuga and Dunnville should continue preparing for a flood event.

The following flood messages remain in effect Cayuga & Dunnville:

Grand River (Cayuga)

Flows in the Grand River through Cayuga are expected to peak in the 1270 cm/s range around midnight on Monday. Flows are expected to exceed those experienced during the June 2017 flood event. Haldimand County Emergency Services have closed River Drive, Sims Lock Road, Grand Sports Drive and a number of other roads in the area. Conway Park has been notified and this area will be closely monitored.

Grand River (Dunnville)

Flows in the Grand River through Dunnville are expected to peak in the 1280 cm/s range on Tuesday morning. Flows are expected to exceed those experienced during the June 2017 flood event. Residents along the east bank of the Grand River on Main Street, upstream of the Dunnville dam should prepare for a flood event.

“Residents in these areas should continue preparing their property for a flood – securing items like patio furniture, moving valuable items from lower floors, making sure their sump pumps are working & other measures,” said Jason Gallagher, Haldimand County’s manager of Emergency Services and fire chief. He noted that a flood guide for property owners and other preparedness resources are available at HaldimandCounty.ca/floods.

Haldimand County Emergency Services will be closely monitoring river conditions and are prepared to respond as needed. Haldimand County public works staff will be implementing road closures as required throughout the event.

Current road closures:


– Forfar St. E.

Cayuga / York

– Ouse St. at Chippewa St.
– Grand Sports Dr. at Highway 54
– Sims Locks Rd. at Highway 54
– Abbey Rd.
– River Dr. at Highway 54
– River Rd. between Sutor Rd. and South Cayuga Rd.

Dunnville / Port Maitland

– None at present.

Parents are reminded to keep children and pets away from shoreline areas as fast moving water and slippery riverbeds can be extremely hazardous. Property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance company about flood insurance if they do not already have it. Residents should pay close attention to changing river conditions and watch for updated flood messages.