Dessert Tour

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth on our Delectable Dessert Tour

The rare finds on our dessert tour are a foodie’s dream. Discover treats to satisfy any palette, from delectable donuts and dozens of flavours of ice cream to life-changing apple strudel, scrumptious butter tarts and much, much more.

Dessert Tour

Jones Bakery

Established in 1904, Jones Bakery is well-known for their delectable Belgian cookies and butter tarts. Try to just eat one, we dare you.


Hewitt’s Dairy Bar

Step back in time at this retro dairy bar, and sample from over 60 ice cream flavours (all made in Haldimand!). I scream, you scream…


The Minga

From Chocolate Orange Macaroons to Chocolate Chickpea Donuts, you’d never guess these desserts contain no dairy or egg. Quirky and delicious, exactly how we like our treats.
The Minga – Facebook page


Helga’s Bakery

You’ve never truly had Apple Strudel until you’ve eaten at Helga’s Bakery. With a flaky, buttery crust delicious spiced apple centre, need we say more?


Sunflower Cafe

We would eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not carrot at all – especially if it’s Sunflower’s homemade Carrot Cake. Seriously It’s perfection.
Sunflower Cafe – Facebook page


Bains Road Cider Company

Who says dessert is only something you can eat? Bains Road uses local fruit to produce their two signature sweet dessert wines. Sip away!

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