Haldimand County Issues Correction and Apology Re: KWIC Internet and KWIC Telecom Ltd.

Haldimand Country would like to correct some inaccurate statements recently made by its representatives regarding KWIC Internet and KWIC Telecom Ltd. (“KWIC”).

In June 2020, after a procurement process, Haldimand County selected KWIC as the preferred proponent to deliver internet services to underserviced areas of the County. KWIC ranked first among its competitors in the procurement and was determined by Haldimand County to be competent and well-qualified.

On June 3, 2021, Mayor Ken Hewitt of Haldimand County mistakenly announced that KWIC had merged with another internet service provider (Xplornet Communications), that Xplornet had purchased KWIC, and that the merger was a surprise to the County. These statements were reported in the Haldimand Press. Regrettably, these statements were based on a misunderstanding of the true facts, and were inaccurate. KWIC has not merged with or been purchased by Xplornet, and did not in any way surprise the County by its actions. KWIC remains an independent and active internet service provider, servicing communities across Ontario.

On June 4, 2021, County CAO Craig Manley stated in a press release that, as a result of increased competition from other internet service providers in Haldimand County, the result would be better internet service in the County. The County wishes to correct that statement, as it has no information to suggest that KWIC’s competitors provide better internet service than KWIC provides.

As a result of recent media interest in the expansion of internet service to underserviced areas of the County, County representatives have made other statements about KWIC that have been reported in the media. None of the County’s statements should be construed as a criticism of KWIC or its capabilities, nor should any impression be left that KWIC is anything other than an active, competitive player in the Ontario internet service provider market. The County is grateful to KWIC for its interest and efforts in bringing internet service to County residents.

Haldimand County sincerely apologizes to KWIC for the mistaken statements made by County representatives.