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Customer Experience Feedback

Engagement Summary

Haldimand County wants to better understand your needs and expectations in order to provide you with high-quality, efficient customer service.  Results from this engagement will be used to develop a Customer Service and Communications Strategy.

March / April 2022

  • Customer Experience Survey: Shape yourHC
  • Closed April 14, 2022

September / October 2022

  • myHC Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Closed Oct 28, 2022


  • Customer Service and Communications Strategy Report

All council reports related to this project are archived. The most recent reports are listed at the top.

Connect to your County Survey 2021

In Summer of 2021, residents were asked to provide feedback on communication preferences. Staff received 136 survey responses.

  • 58% of respondents prefer digital communications (website and/or social media channels)
  • 54% of respondents identified Facebook as their social media tool of choice

Shape yourHC: Customer Experience Survey 2022

Residents were asked to share their opinion on the customer experience in the Spring of 2022.  102 survey responses were received.

What did we hear?

  •  54% are satisfied with the customer experience at Haldimand County.
  •  64% agreed they would like more opportunities to provide their feedback on County services.
  •  78% indicated that friendly staff response contributed to their positive experience.
  •  67% prefer to wait on hold to speak to staff person rather than leave a voice mail message and wait for a call back when contacting the County.
  •  65% prefer to find information on services and programs, and access services on the website.

Resident Satisfaction Survey 2022

In the fall of 2022, a comprehensive Resident Satisfaction Survey was conducted across all areas of Haldimand County. This survey offered an opportunity for the public to provide input on their perceptions relating to quality of life in the County, as well as their customer experience with County programs and services.

Additionally, results from this survey will serve as a baseline benchmark for comparative analysis in future resident satisfaction surveys.

For more information on Shape yourHC customer experience survey, contact:

Provide Customer Feedback

Have you recently had to contact Haldimand County staff? If yes, how did we do?

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