Closed Session Investigations

The Municipal Act states that as of January 1, 2008, a person may request that an investigation is held to determine if a Municipality has complied with the “Closed Session Provisions” of this Act.
 The Council of Haldimand County has appointed Amberley Gavel Ltd. as the “Closed Session Investigator” for the Corporation. Individuals who want to request a Closed Session Investigation must follow the procedure below.

Closed Session Investigations Procedure

Follow these steps if you wish to file a request for an investigation.

  1. You must submit your request in writing, and include:
    • The date of the subject meeting and reasons for the request
    • A date and signature of the individual making the request
  2. File your request for investigation with the Clerk – Evelyn Eichenbaum, 45 Munsee Street, Cayuga ON N0A 1E0
  3. The Clerk will review the request for the purpose of compiling required supporting documentation and forward this information to Amberley Gavel Ltd.
  4. Amberley Gavel Ltd. will investigate the matter if deemed appropriate, and prepare a written report on the findings. Amberley Gavel Ltd. will make recommendations as required.
  5. The report will be placed on a subsequent Council agenda. Although the Report is a public document, the identity of the requester will not be disclosed.
  6. The requester will be provided with the findings of the investigation. A sample Request Form has been included for the public’s convenience; however, it is not mandatory for use. Please contact the Clerk, Evelyn Eichenbaum at (905) 318-5932, ext. 249 if you require further information.

Looking for more information? See our Frequently Asked Questions: Closed Session Investigations.

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