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Wildwood Art Gallery & Studio

Who:  Kerry Walford & Adam Peet

Year Established:  2018


Wildwood Art Gallery & Studio has been a success since the day it opened in 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down.

People drive hours to attend exhibitions at the gallery, the gallery’s children’s art classes, and adult workshops are booked solid, and off-site “paint nights” fill up fast.

Haldimand County officials and staff played an important role in making Wildwood’s success possible—guiding them through the planning process and actively promoting the gallery. Kerry Walford who owns and runs Wildwood, says a commitment to business was immediately evident when she started working with the county to open the gallery.

Wildwood’s beginnings can be traced back four years to the day Walford and her husband, Adam Peet, bought a 180-yearold
house in Cayuga. Walford is an artist, and she envisioned the 19th century home as an art gallery to display works by her and other local creatives.

Soon after opening, Haldimand residents began approaching the gallery with creative ideas for using the space. Yoga classes started when a yoga instructor proposed the idea, and a local musician’s interest led to musical performances taking place.

As Haldimand grows, Wildwood is poised to continue adding classes, exhibitions, and events that will benefit the community
and attract people to the county.

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