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Tatra Safety Boots

Who: Tsjibbe Kelly, Owner

Where: Dunnville, Ontario


Born and raised in Haldimand County, Tsjibbe Kelly wouldn’t have his businesses anywhere else.

It only takes a few seconds of talking with Tsjibbe Kelly owner of Tatra Safety Boots and Shoes and TNK Machining in Dunnville to learn he is very mechanically inclined individual who is an extremely passionate about his businesses.

Boots in Progress

Tatra Safety Boots and Shoes is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality safety footwear, who prides themselves on using North American materials to produce high quality products. Although this business is not new to Dunnville, since taking over Tatra Boots a couple years ago, Kelly has been making some big changes. Under his leadership they have expanded their output and created new jobs. His secret? Investment in innovation, a talented skilled staff and a fun work environment.

Given Kelly’s philosophy, it’s no surprise that both of his businesses are growing. When asked about the culture at Tatra Safety Boots and Shoes, he replied, “We all just have a good time, the main goal is to treat people like people”. He also added, “We have an opportunity with this business and this community, and we want to give it water and let it grow”.

TNK Machining

It is evident that the Tatra flower is blooming, as the company fulfills manufacturing and embroidering contracts for other companies. You may see some of their products such as rubber inserts at Mark’s Work Warehouse, and Canadian Tire stores.

Kelly attributes his success to his upbringing, as he is from a large farm family in Dunnville. Tsjibbe found his calling tinkering with farm equipment at a young age, and then translated this into a career. At just 19 he opened his first machine shop called TNK Machining, which creates custom machinery, such as agricultural planting equipment, and also serves as a repair and fabrication shop for Tatra Boots. After moving out of his hometown for several years, he is now back and relocated TNK Machining to Dunnville, where it shares space with Tatra Safety Boots and Shoes.

When asked about his favourite part of owning a business in Haldimand County Kelly remarked, “There is no commute, and I get to work in what is essentially cottage country”, referring to the quality of life in Haldimand County. Tsjibbe also acknowledged that people often mistake Haldimand for a tourist community, but furthered it is an amazing place to work, live and play.

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