Lake Erie Industrial Park

Lake Erie Industrial Park (Nanticoke)

Key features of Lake Erie Industrial Park:

Location: North Shore Lake Erie, near Nanticoke, Ontario
Park Size: 4,500 acres
Lot Size: 1 to 2000 acres
Price: $50,000+ per acre
Zoning: Heavy industrial
Highway Access: Via Highways 6 & 3, linking to Highway 403
Air Access: John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport and others
Great Lakes Access: Via U. S. Steel Canada Docks
Owner: Private


Map Diagram of Lake Erie Industrial Park


The Lake Erie Industrial Park is one of the largest industrial parks in Ontario. Built on a master-planned, 4,500-acre site located along the north shore of Lake Erie (in the south-western corner of Haldimand County), the park combines open space, parkland and a commercial centre with industrial opportunities.

An three-kilometre area of land surrounding the park has been designated as an Industrial Influence Area. This designation guarantees that conflicting land uses will not develop in proximity to heavy industry in the industrial area. Lots are available in sizes from 1 to 2,000 acres and more. There is a nearby electricity transmission link with open capacity.

Development opportunities

Building on the agricultural roots of Haldimand County, the space is well-suited for processes related to biomass, organic fuel production and development related to renewable energy, such as :

  • Energy production
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing activities (light, general and heavy)
  • Transportation

There are 3 featured properties in the Lake Erie Industrial Park that are of special interest to investors / developers. Located on Haldimand Road 3, they include 9.7, 11.51 and 22.92 acre properties.

Transport access

The Lake Erie Industrial Park is offered on a serviced basis and is zoned to support both light and heavy industry. The park is serviced by road, rail and water access. Highway 6 links Haldimand County to the 400-series highway (the major highway system in Ontario); Highway 3 passes through Haldimand County and runs East-West from Buffalo to Detroit. John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is within 30 minutes drive.

Major employers nearby

Major employers located in or near the park include Stelco and Imperial Oil.