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Concession Road Brewing Company

Who: Jeff and Shannon Bunton, Owners

Where:Jarvis, Ontario


With a constantly rotating line of taps, you are always in for a new treat!

Located in Jarvis, Concession Road Brewing Company is Haldimand County’s first craft brewery. Their beautiful on-site tap room is fitted with constantly rotating kegs so there is always something new for their patrons. Owners Jeff and Shannon Bunton, two craft brew aficionados, began brewing with just a home brew kit a little over 5 years ago, and fell in love. Before opening their doors they toured around the province, visiting different breweries in order to get inspiration. Shortly after that, a business opportunity presented itself. Owner Shannon Bunton recalls, “A friend of ours was getting new brewing equipment, so we purchased everything we needed to brew before we even had a location or a business plan”. She noted that finding the location was more difficult than the pair had anticipated, but after months of searching, they came across space in the retired Jarvis fire hall, and knew they were home. Cut to today, a multitude of their products can be found not only in their tap room, but around Southern Ontario at local hot spots such as The Twisted Lemon and Merk Snackbar.

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Concession Road’s Beautiful Bar

Originally from Hamilton, Jeff and Shannon moved to Haldimand County 10 years ago, because they wanted to find a property that was peaceful and quiet with acreage. They ended up settling just outside of Cayuga, but relocated to Jarvis 5 years later, to be closer to their new business. Shannon explained, “After moving to Haldimand we were amazed by the beautiful countryside, and loved the easy commute”. Once in Jarvis, the pair became consumed by the demanding nature of their new brewery, and were looking for a way to spend free time. Shortly after this their love for disc golf sprouted. After taking up the sport, the pair decided that they had to introduce it locally. They held an information showcase, and were joined by professional disc golf player Zac Joliffe, at the Jarvis Lions Park. With an impressive showing, construction on the Jarvis course soon began. Cut to today, Concession Road Brewing Company is now an officially licensed Innova and MVP disc retailer (two high quality disc manufacturers) and act as the disc golf hub of Jarvis, and Haldimand County.

EVENTS | Concession Road Brew
Pints and Punchlines

Not only a delicious craft brewery and a disc golf retailer, Concession Road Brewing is a entertainment hub in Haldimand County. Every Saturday night, their taproom serves as a concert hall, featuring local bands and artists that play all night long. Concession Road also hosts a weekly trivia night, a monthly Pints and Punchlines comedy show featuring local comedians, and other events such as their Drag Murder Mystery.

One thing that sets Concession Road Brewing Company apart from other craft breweries and local businesses is their membership program. For a small annual cost, members get a custom 18.5 ounce Concession Road mug, and each glass has a slightly different design, so they are exclusive to each member. They are also 2 ounces larger than your classic glass, so every time you fill up you get more beer . The Concession Road membership also comes with discounts on grab and go beverages; your name proudly displayed on the membership wall; and unique gifts such as custom merchandise.

With all the exciting ideas and projects that are being brought forward by Concession Road Brewing Company, we cannot wait to see what they will come up with next! With two creative leaders at the helm, we know it will be great.

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