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Canadian Ginger Company

Who:  Cindy & Ron Mueller

Year Established:  2017


Cindy Mueller and her husband, Ron, both grew up on farms and hold master’s degrees in horticulture. So it’s no surprise they started Fisherville Greenhouses in 2013, growing greens and vegetables in two half-acre greenhouses.

Recently they expanded into growing and selling ginger and turmeric, operating as the Canadian Ginger Company.

Cindy grew up on her parent’s tobacco farm in Delhi, Ontario, and Ron’s family had a cashcrop operation in the Niagara area. Both family farms also raised milking cows, beef cattle, pigs, and chickens. On those farms, Cindy and Ron developed their love of agriculture. Together, they use their horticultural experience and education to experiment with growing something new every year. One year, they planted ginger because Cindy appreciated its healthful qualities.

Cindy and Ron kept at it, learning as they went. They grew more each year until it became a feasible business separate from
Fisherville Greenhouses. Cindy runs the dayto-day operations, educates people about why the Canadian Ginger Company’s fresh
ginger is better than the brown, gnarled-root ginger from other countries. Her message is resonating, and the company’s ginger is now being sold in Goodness Me! Natural Food Markets and will soon be carried by the Longos grocery chain.

Cindy loves living and working in Haldimand. Its lifestyle, natural beauty, and proactive community support for local businesses are qualities she rates as important assets that are hard to find in more-urban areas. With the city only a short drive away away, so she doesn’t feel like she’s missing anything.

Before Ron proposed moving to Fisherville, Cindy didn’t even know where it was. Now she considers locating in Haldimand as one of the smartest decisions they’ve ever made.

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